Bolga Baskets are beautiful, durable but most importantly PLIABLE. This allows us to fold and flat pack each basket for shipping and delivery. If your basket has just arrived folded from the post here are a few simple steps to help you reshape your basket:


  • Take hold of the basket by its handle with one hand, then with your other hand push the basket from the inside out.
  • You should now have a wonky basket… Now wet your basket with water by either submerging it in a large tub of Cold water or running it under a hose for 60 seconds.
  • Now that your basket is fully soaked in water it will become flexible and you will be able to shape and mould it by using your hands. Tip: Tap the inside walls of your basket to get a beautifully-rounded shape.
  • Once you are fully satisfied with the shape of your basket, make sure to dry it out as soon as possible. Simply leave it out to dry in the sun or place it under a fan. It is very important to note: Never store your basket away wet/damp as it is a natural fibre and may go mouldy.


  • Keep your basket dry at all times to prevent mould/mildew growing.
  • Do not use any detergents on your basket.
  • Reshaping your Bolga basket every few years will ensure that it stays looking new.
  • Exposing your basket to direct sunlight may cause the colours to fade.
  • When using your Bolga Basket as a pot plant holder we recommend taking your pot plant out of the basket when watering it and always use a saucer, you could also line the basket with a thick plastic to prevent the basket getting water stains or deteriorating.
  • The leather handle can be protected and conditioned with pure bees wax or any other commercial leather conditioners.